13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda

13 Steps to Mentalism is a classic text for the mentalist. It was originally published as a series of 13 lessons which are now available in a hardbound volume. Each lesson covers a specific technique for the mentalist's arsenal.

The Steps
  • Step 1 - Swami Gimmick
  • Step 2 - Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading
  • Step 3 - Mnemonics and Mental Systems
  • Step 4 - Predictions
  • Step 5 - Blindfolds and X-Ray Eyes
  • Step 6 - Billets
  • Step 7 - Book Tests
  • Step 8 - Two Person Telepathy
  • Step 9 - Mediumistic Stunts
  • Step 10 - Card Tricks
  • Step 11 - Question and Answer
  • Step 12 - Publicity Stunts
  • Step 13 - Patter and Presentation

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Now also available as a DVD set, Corinda's 13 Steps of Mentalism are explained and presented by Richard Osterlind. In this comprehensive DVD series, modern-day master Richard Osterlind performs dynamic effects from each step of Corinda's seminal work in front of a live audience. Then, along with co-host Jim Sisti, digs deep into the principles and concepts that make this material so strong and timeless. This DVD set ably demonstrates why Corinda's 13 Steps To Mentalism will always be a fundamental and substantial part of any mentalist's education.

  • DISC 1 Introduction to Corinda's thirteen Steps to Mentalism, Step One  Swami Gimmick, Step Two  Pencil, Lip, Sound
  • DISC 2 Step Three  Mnemonics and Mental Systems.
  • DISC 3 Step Four  Predictions, Step Five  Blindfold and X-Ray Eyes.
  • DISC 4 Step Six  Billets Introduction, Step Seven  Book Tests.
  • DISC 5 Step Eight  Two-Person Telepathy, Step Nine  Mediumistic Stunts, Step Ten  Card Tricks.
  • DISC 6 Step Eleven  The Question and Answer Act, Step Twelve  Publicity Stunts, Step Thirteen  Patter and Presentation.
Buy the 13 Steps DVD Set from Martinka, America's oldest Magic Shop.

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